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First page  »  Dr. Doina BORDEIANU CICDE Director's Message
Dr. Doina BORDEIANU CICDE Director's Message








Dr. Doina BORDEIANU CICDE Director's Message 

The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training is a community of trainers forming a core team, specialising in training electoral stakeholders from the Republic of Moldova and in advocating participatory democracy values. Over time, CICDE turned into something more than a simple public institution. It became a key-element in the electoral process setting an example in terms of dedication, professionalism and integrity. 

CICDE provides initial and ongoing training courses in the electoral area for electoral officials, observers, representatives of electoral contenders, operators, registrars, accountants, treasurers, representatives of law enforcement bodies, etc. We also participate in educating tomorrow’s active citizens via programs such as Democracy Can be Learned, Electing Pupils’ Councils, Early Electoral Education. An important component is researching topics on a range of electoral issues to give decision-makers a scientific and practical foundation for electoral policies.

In the next four years we intend to strengthen the team and image of CICDE as a modern, professional and impartial institution and to upgrade its e-learning platform to reach out to more target-groups and promote mixed learning, to develop and establish, on a permanent basis, the training and civic education courses.

There are several ways in which a person can contribute to their community and support democracy in the Republic of Moldova.  We’d like to invite you to discover it all with us! Our beneficiaries are our partners.

I am honoured to be the Head of CICDE and, being in this position, to do the work that I love. We invest in people, starting with the youngest ones, because we truly believe that DEMOCRACY CAN BE LEARNED.

First page  »  Dr. Doina BORDEIANU CICDE Director's Message

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