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Central Electoral Commission www.cec.mdInternational election authorities

Central Election Commission of the Republic of Albania - www.cec.org.al

Central Election Commission of the Republic of Armenia - www.elections.am
Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan - www.cec.gov.az
Electoral Commission of Australia - www.aec.gov.au
Central Commission of Elections and Referenda of the Republic of Belarus - www.rec.gov.by
Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina - www.izbori.ba
Central Election Commission of Bulgaria - www.parliament.bg
State Election Commission of Croatia - www.izbori.hr
Central Election Commission of Georgia - www.cec.gov.ge
National Committee of Estonia - www.vvk.ee
Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan - www.election.kz
Central Election Commission of Kirgizstan - www.shailoo.gov.kg
Central Electoral Commission of Latvia - www.cvk.lv
Central Election Commission of Lithuania - www.vrk.lt
State Election Commission of Macedonia - www.sec.mk
Republican Election Commission of Montenegro - www.rik.co.me
National Electoral Commission of Poland - www.pkw.gov.pl
Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania - www.roaep.ro
Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation - www.cikrf.ru
Republican Electoral Commission of Serbia - www.rik.parlament.gov.rs
State Election Commission of the Republic of Slovenia - www.dvk-rs.si
Election Authority of Sweden - www.val.se
U.S. Election Assistance Commission - www.fec.gov
Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Tajikistan (The Journalists’ Association of Tajikistan. During the elections the CEC posts the information on this site) - www.tuj.tj
Central Election Commission of Ukraine - www.cvk.gov.ua
Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan - www.elections.uz
Election Division of the Federal Public Service, the Ministry of Interior of Belgium - www.elections.fgov.be
Elections and Referenda Department, the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia - www.civil.gov.sk
Election Department, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development of Hungary - www.valasztas.hu
Central Election Service of the Republic of Cyprus - www.moi.gov.cy

Election resources of the Council of Europe http://www.coe.md/index.php?lang=roElection resources of the Association of European Election Officials of Europe - www.aceeeo.orgBRIDGE - http://bridge-project.org/International Foundation for Electoral Systems - www.ifes.orgInternational Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - www.idea.int

First page  »  Media Resources  »  Links

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