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First page  »  Training programs  »  Training and certification of the EBPS members
Training and certification of the EBPS members

The training and certification program of the persons who are to be appointed to the election bureaus of the polling stations (EBPS)


  • Create and fill in the Register of qualified and certified electoral officials;
  • increase knowledge in electoral matters;
  • apply evenly the legislation and electoral practice;
  • cooperation between CEC, DEC and EBPS to a new, a better level;
  • strengthen the institutional capacities of CCET.

    Target group:
  • representatives of local public authorities;
  • representatives of political parties, electoral blocs, other social-political organizations;
  • persons from who the Central Electoral Commission selects candidacies to be put forward as EBPS members (they will be included into the Register of electoral officials kept by CEC).

    Training description

The training program is divided into 9 working sessions among which 1 is Description of the Seminar and 1 Participants’ assessment. The other 7 sessions follow step-by-step the duties of election bureau of the polling station beginning with its creation and to the transmission of the voting results to the district election council. The accent is placed on learning by doing, so as during session No. 6 and session No. 7, the participants have the possibility to exercise the main duties of the EBPS members, to organize and develop the voting day and by numbering the votes and fill in the related electoral documentation.

The training is being held during one day and includes a total of 8 hours and 30 minutes among which 7 hours and 30 min of actual studying. It is organized in small groups of maximum 25 participants per group.

First page  »  Training programs  »  Training and certification of the EBPS members

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