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News and Events
Centre for Continuous Electoral Training, with the financial support of UNDP Moldova, announces a Call for Small Grants for Librarians
Date: 06.05.2021   


Electoral education and electoral culture have become a valuable component over the past years. Public opinion polls reveal that people are discouraged, disappointed and disinterested in electoral processes, having a low trust in the State’s institutions and democratic procedures. Note that the internal sociological surveys of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CICDE) prove the link between electoral education/information and trust in election outcomes.

The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training, with the financial support of the United National Development Programme in Moldova, announces the call for project proposals on developing/setting up or broadening/diversifying services of civic and electoral education to be delivered by libraries to current and future voters.

The Small Grant Program ‘Libraries - Voter Information Space’ is implemented under the UNDP Project ‘Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections’, implemented in partnership with CICDE with financial support from the American people, provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Small Grant Program ‘Libraries - Voter Information Space’ offers a total amount of MDL 125,000, and a grant may not exceed MDL 25,000. All project activities should be planned to end no later than on 30 October 2021.

The goal and priorities of the Small Grant Program:

The Program aims at strengthening the public libraries so that they could become a space for voter education and information, disseminating useful insight on participatory democracy and electoral processes in the Republic of Moldova.

Offering inclusive civic and electoral education, in line with principles of accessibility, non-discrimination and gender equality, is a priority of the program.

At least five (5) public libraries will be selected as a result of the Call. The winning libraries will be supported in implementing innovative initiatives, aimed at educating current and future voters in the spirit of democracy.


To be eligible, the applicants must meet cumulatively the following conditions:

a) be a public library (may apply to the project via local public authorities (LPA) or non-governmental organisations);

b) be directly responsible for project preparation and management, and not act as an intermediary;

c) applicants may submit only one project proposal to this Call.

The beneficiaries of CICDE training for librarians during 2018-2021 will have priority.

Address, contact information and submission of project proposals:

An information session for persons interested in submitting project proposals will be held on 18 May 2021. To participate, please fill in the form here  https://forms.gle/pV7aq31Epw5pw7dBA. Any questions about the Small Grant Call can be sent to info@cicde.md with the subject Question about the Small Grant Call ‘Libraries – Voter Information Space’.

The project proposals shall be sent by email at info@cicde.md will the subject CICDE_Grants_Libraries - Voter Information Space.

The file shall contain:

- Application form (in Word)

- Project budget (in Excel)

The Rules and documents of the Call can be downloaded in editable format below.

Deadline for submitting the project proposal - 30 May 2021, 11:59 pm.

The incomplete files and files submitted after the deadlines will not be considered.

For more details, please see the Rules of the Call.


Download Attached files
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docx, 40 KB
pdf, 234 KB

News and Events

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