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Ce? Unde? Când? regional în domeniul electoral
Date / Period: Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Location: Republica Moldova (online)








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News and Events
On Global Elections Day, CICDE Launches the Second Mobile Campaign ‘Arci’s Journey to Elections’
Date: 04.02.2021   

On Global Elections Day, CICDE announces the launching of the mobile campaign ‘Arci’s Journey to Elections’, which aims at informing and civic education of primary school children. The campaign will be conducted during February-March 2021 under the ‘Enhancing Democracy in Moldova through Inclusive and Transparent Elections’ Project, implemented by UNDP Moldova, with the financial support of the American people provided through USAID Moldova.

The fourth edition of the electoral comic book entitled ‘Arci – Elections Without Barriers’ comprises three stories easy to read and to understand about Braille alphabet and how it helps people with vision impairments to vote, about the direct barriers that a voter with mobility impairments faces at the polling station, and how people with hearing impairments get informed about the electoral process with the help of sign language. The publication is available in Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz and English languages.

This time, the hedgehog Archi seeks to reach to 15,000 children from grades I-IV from about 100 schools in 10 districts of the Republic of Moldova. CICDE volunteers will disseminate:

  • Electoral comic books, fourth edition ‘Arci – Elections Without Barriers’
  • Electoral comic books, third edition ‘Arci Against COVID-19’
  • Board games from the series ‘Play with Arci’
  • Leaflets for children and young people ‘Democracy can be learned’
  • Arci mascots for school libraries
  • Constitution of the Republic of Moldova


Also, in the following period, all the stories of the four editions of electoral cartoon books will be developed in Braille language. Also an audio/podcast version will be developed and will be available for children with visual impairments and for parents, educators and teachers at home, at the kindergarten or at school.

‘Continuing the good practice of using electoral cartoon books in kindergartens, schools and even families, were got to the fourth edition that we will disseminate to children so that they learn from early ages about their electoral rights. Thus, they get prepared early on for the responsibility to vote and to be part of a participative democracy. We hope children will like this edition’, says Doina Bordeianu, CICDE Director.

Eva Bounegru, UNDP Project Manager: ‘During the first mobile campaign, we managed to reach out to 14,700 children, following the anti-pandemic measures imposed in October 2020. Currently, we plan to reach other 15,000 children, with informative materials both for classes of personal development and moral and spiritual education and for interesting activities during the free time of children.’

At present, with the support of UNDP Moldova, CICDE launches the third edition of the contest of electoral vlogging. Children aged between 7 and 14 years may register for the contest. They have to record a video of maximum 3 minutes and present the information they learned after reading the fourth edition of the electoral cartoon book ‘Arci – Elections Without Barriers’. The deadline for the publication of vlogs is 16 April 2021.

Remember that all four editions of electoral cartoon books with Arci the hedgehog can be downloaded on www.cicde.md

For other details contact us on (contact email)


News and Events

CICDE relaunched the E-hub 2.0 electoral discussion platform with a discussion about the experience of Romania and other European states in the field of civic and electoral education. The Center for Continuing Education in the Electoral Field, through its programs and activities, is one of the promoters of Civic Education in the Republic of Moldova. For this reason, we set out to make a series of live performances about international practice in this regard, always inviting an expert from another country. Read more...
The second mobile campaign "Arci's Road to Elections" reached over 15,800 children More than 15,800 primary school children received a copy of the fourth edition of election strips, entitled "Bows for Barrier-Free Elections." The civic education materials were distributed within the mobile campaign "Arci's Road to Elections". This time, between February and March 2021, the Arci hedgehog bus and CICDE volunteers reached 130 schools in 11 districts of the country. Read more...
In the context of organizing and conducting new local elections for mayor on May 16, 2021, the Center for Continuing Electoral Training has developed for potential candidates and electoral contestants the distance learning course on: Nomination of candidates and status of electoral contestant in new local elections (primary). Read more...
Brochure of election strips "The hedgehog's way Arci to the election" now in braille Every child must know and learn about his or her electoral rights. And because the 4th edition of the electoral strips teaches children what it means for everyone to have equal access to electoral processes, we have prepared and distributed the publication in the Braille alphabet "The Road of the Hedgehog Arches to the Elections". Read more...
For the edition of this season, intellectual games are organised for the regions from the north, centre and south of the country. The teams that want to participate in the competition should have maximum six members – students of pre-university education institutions, from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Read more...
The young researchers, beneficiaries of the Scholarship Program for the development of individual electoral research projects, launched by the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CICDE) under the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), have defined their research topics and the key aspects they want to explore. Read more...
Are you a librarian, interested to find out more about participation in elections, ways of organising the electoral processes and importance of active citizenship? CICDE Training Module ‘Libraries – Voter Information Space’ is the opportunity you are looking for! Read more...
Are you looking for a volunteering program? If yes, we invite you to join the team of the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CICDE) as a volunteer in order to try to build together a country of active, aware and informed citizens! Read more...
The project aimed to change the attitude of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova living in the country and abroad towards the elections, to contribute to increasing their knowledge about the electoral process, to promote a greater voter turnout among young people, as well as ethnic minorities, to strengthen the professionalism of electoral officials and to assess the impact of CICDE trainings for the 2020 presidential election. The project included two components: the first one targeted the voters, the second one – the electoral officials Read more...
The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training under the Central Electoral Commission, represented by the Dr. Doina Bordeianu and the ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, represented by Dr. Dinu Ostavciuc, agreed to sign a Cooperation Agreement on the development and implementation of study programmes, specialised trainings and joint activities in the electoral field, security and integrity of the electoral process, and development of electoral culture. Read more...

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