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Ce? Unde? Când? regional în domeniul electoral
Date / Period: Tuesday, 09 March 2021
Time: 09:00 - 12:00
Location: Regiunea de Nord a țării în format online
Ce? Unde? Când? regional în domeniul electoral
Date / Period: Saturday, 13 March 2021
Time: 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Anenii Noi
Ce? Unde? Când? regional în domeniul electoral
Date / Period: Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Location: Republica Moldova (online)
Ce? Unde? Când? regional în domeniul electoral
Date / Period: Tuesday, 13 April 2021
Location: Republica Moldova (online)








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News and Events
CICDE hires people that want to become trainers in the electoral field
Date: 16.07.2020   

CICDE hires people that want to become trainers in the electoral field

Centre for Continuous Electoral Training under the Central Electoral Commission launches an open call for the people that want to become trainers in the electoral field. Selected people will be trained and assessed by CICDE. Subsequently, the candidates that pass the assessment will be involved in the training of election officials and other categories of beneficiaries. To be precise, a CICDE trainer carries out the following duties:

- prepares for the training;

- facilitates the training in line with the agenda and session plans provided by CICDE;

- checks the test-papers and drafts the documentation that is needed for the assessment of participants and reporting on the training.


Any interested person that meets all of the CONDITIONS below may take part in the selection for the training to be prepared as a trainer in the electoral field:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent studies, preferably in one of the following fields: Political Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Pedagogy, Civic Education, Law or other related areas. A Master’s Degree/PhD is going to be an advantage;
  2. Nonpartisanism;
  3. Skills of effective communication with heterogeneous participant groups;
  4. Teamwork and individual work skills;
  5. Responsibility, flexibility, punctuality;
  6. Proved ability to teach/facilitate in Romanian/Russian language;
  7. Computer skills (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Internet (including social media), etc.);
  8. Availability to travel inside the country and work as a trainer;
  9. Availability to take part in the training of electoral trainers event during 6-8 August 2020, which will take place in Chisinau municipality;
  10. Availability to do the homework (one training session) and to present it on either 13, 14, or 15 August 2020.  

The following will be an advantage:

  1. Experience as a trainer in the field of civic and electoral education, election, etc. (please point out the number of hours of facilitation);
  2. Courses in the area of training/professional qualification;
  3. Previous work as a member of the constituency electoral council, electoral office of the polling station, as a representative of an election candidate in the electoral bodies or as a national observer.

In order to apply for this position, interested people are asked to:

1. submit the CV, provide three references and the contact details, including e-mails, of people providing such references. Copies of the education diplomas (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD) and certificates proving the education in the area of training and professional development must be enclosed to the CV, as appropriate;

2. submit a letter of motivation that will describe:

  • the accumulated experience (number of hours of facilitation, work in electoral bodies, etc.)
  • the fact that they meet the requirements by means of providing examples (items 2-7 of the TRAINER SELECTION CRITERIA)


  • the confirmation of availability for activities mentioned in items 8-10 of the TRAINER SELECTION CRITERIA
  • motivation to apply for the competition.

The application file shall be submitted by e-mail to  info@cicde.md. The subject line should state ‘Training of Trainers CICDE 2020’.  



The selection will consist of two stages:

1. Assessment of the application files. The fulfillment of selection requirements will be taken into account.   Only selected applicants will be contacted.

2. Participation to the training of trainers and obtaining a ‘pass’ after the assessment of theoretical knowledge as a result of an initial test (please consult the list of references for preparation), as a result of active involvement and practical skills displayed during the individual assessment. 

The selection will be done in line with non-discrimination, equal treatment and transparency principles, taking into account the specific nature of CICDE’s work.

Important: Communication language during the training: Romanian.

The participation to the training is free of charge. Catering and training materials are provided by the organisers. Any other expenses related to accommodation, travel, etc. will be incurred exclusively by the participants.


Collaboration with CICDE takes place on the basis of service contracts.

The provided work shall be remunerated in accordance with the Government Decision No 1231 of 12 December 2018 implementing the Law No 270/2018 on Unitary Salary System in the Budgetary Sector and shall be calculated MDL 90/hour (gross).  The tariff for people that hold a PhD degree shall be calculated MDL 100/hour (gross).




List of references for the ToT http://cicde.md/media/files/files/lista_bibliografic___pentru_tot_8268375.pdf


Glossary of Electoral Terms http://cicde.md/media/files/files/glossar_de_termeni_electorali_cc__1__4847421.pdf


Application DEADLINE: 31 July 2020, 4:00 p.m.



Marcela Rosca, e-mail: marcela.rosca@cicde.md, tel.:068818086. 


The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training under the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova is a public institution subordinated to CEC, established in line with Article 27 of the Electoral Code for the purpose of training and qualifying the electoral officials, as well as other subjects involved in the election process in the Republic of Moldova.

News and Events

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