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Conferința CICDE Open Talks
Date / Period: Friday, 22 November 2019
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Municipiul Chișinău






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Rodica Jereghi about the “We conduct together!” event
Date: 29.06.2015   

Dear CICDE team, I felt honoured to stand yesterday on stage next to so many select people from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad. You offered us such rare chance to find in us something that we did not know we have, namely the power to face anything.

After this experience, I learned a crucial lesson – anything in life can be learned (not that we are perfect in conducting, but at least we tried), any summit can be conquered if you have next to you an appropriate team, people with capital P as you are (young, beautiful, ingenious, simple and honest) and one never knows what the limit of the team would be, for instance, we have enlarged our friend circle by at least 20 persons.

I have only words of praise for you; you have been extraordinary in both the organization, and the conduct. The performance was a great success for all, even for the country. We thank you for your abnegation in your work and for your devotion to get involved in everything concerning civic spirit and the benefit of the country.


Date: 09.01.2018   
During the 2016 presidential elections one out of ten voters was a young person aged 18–25 years. Same low participation rate of young people in elections can be observed in other EU countries and overseas. So how can we motivate them to participate more in decision-making processes? Read more...
Date: 05.04.2016   
Master studies? Two more years on top of those 19 years already spent in educational institutions? Never! Read more...
Date: 22.02.2016   
The opportunity of specialized studies in electoral matters materialized by CICDE in partnership with FRISPA in a Master Programme in Political and Electoral Management came as a moment of respite for me in the late summer of 2015. Read more...
Date: 12.10.2015   
Date: 12.10.2015   
Date: 30.06.2015   
“The performance was extraordinary! Emotions that I have not had in a while, a very original project and I am even glad I had this opportunity. Read more...
Date: 29.06.2015   
I would like to thank the CICDE team for this novel seminar! I was honoured to be among the participants of the seminar organised by CICDE in collaboration with partners that contributed to its good conduct. It aimed at breaking the stereotype from the past that the role of the women is primarily that of a good homemaker, wife and mother. Alongside with men, she can combine her natural abilities with those of a good organiser, leader and manager. Read more...
Date: 26.06.2015   
I would like to thank you for all you do for us. You should know that it was a novel idea and I am glad that it did not stay on the level of an idea. Read more...
Date: 25.06.2015   
The seminar with Mihai Dumitrescu was very informative and I learned about aspects of emotional intelligence and its major impact on success in a society. I hope that the training I was part of will help me face emotions. Read more...
Date: 16.06.2015   
Rodica Jereghi acts as Head of Public Administration Section in the Straseni Rayon Council and says the following about the leadership seminar: “The desire for self-improvement has united us in this seminar. Read more...

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