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Aliona Plăcintă is a CCET trainer liked by everyone. Even though she has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova, economy turned not to be her real passion and she has focused on personal development area.
She was born in a family in which the customs, traditions and values were fully focused on education. She has graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and IT under the State University of Moldova.
Being fond of self-development, he is always involved in different activities, among which – volunteering, sport, and charity. Due to his intense wish to be active, he has accumulated a wide experience as a result of the intercultural exchange projects and civic activities in which he has participated.
She has graduated two faculties: linguistics and law. She has leaved for a period of time in Italy and she has worked as a secretary in an attorney’s office. Returning back to the country, she was employed as a legal advisor in a foreign Italian company.
He is part of the first class of CCET trainers. He has a high interest for the electoral area and previously he was involved in different training activities meant for electoral officials.
The works in the area of statistics, although she has a Master Degree in Banking Administration. She always liked to juggle with figures, which provide a wide area in playing with imagination. As a CCET trainer, she recognizes that she may harness her civic side and she is convinced that people are the driving force of a society.

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