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Dr. Doina Bordeianu is a researcher, trainer and curriculum developer. As a researcher, she holds a PhD degree in political sciences from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania. She is the author of different studies and articles on comparative policies and electoral issues. As a trainer, she contributed to the capacity building of hundreds of individuals who wanted to become election officials or trainers in electoral field from Moldova and abroad. She is an Accrediting BRIDGE Facilitator with great experience in facilitating workshops in English, Russian and Romanian. As a curriculum developer, Doina created the methodological base for training of various electoral stakeholders on multiple topics related to democracy, governance and elections. She developed and delivered three master courses for the Master program „Political and electoral management”, a joint program of State University of Moldova and Center for Continuous Electoral Training. Doina has over 12 years of professional experience in comparative analysis of electoral management bodies, civic education, voter information and training of the electoral officials, observers and media. UNDP, Council of Europe, ACEEEO and IFES are some organization who resorted to her expertise and knowledge.  In February 2020, Dr. Doina Bordeianu became the Director of Center for Continuous Electoral Training by the Central Electoral Commission (CICDE), after having served as CICDE Deputy Director for six years. Between 2007 - 2013 Doina managed all training, civic education and communication related activities for Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova.


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